Rise Response & Preventive Measures

Rise's Leadership Team are meeting regularly as the situation evolves and have implemented the following preventative measures as advised by the Department of Health and Rise’s Emergency Response Plan.

Rise hygiene practices 

We are scrupulous about hygiene and follow the Department of Health guidelines as well as existing infection prevention practices within the healthcare industry. 
Please be reassured Rise staff wear face masks, gloves, and other PPE as required. 

What else are Rise doing to keep you safe?

  • All our staff have been appropriately vaccinated or received an exemption.
  • All team members that are required to undertake the Government’s COVID-19 health and safety training have completed it.
  • We organised local vaccine hubs at all of our supported accommodation houses across Perth. These were attended by over 120 clients and staff.
  • Rise follows the Department of Health's guidelines for transporting clients.  All staff understand how to transport people safely and hygienically. 

  • Staff/volunteers who show flu like symptoms, have been asked to stay at home until they have been medically cleared.  This applies to agency staff as well.  

  • We have created a resources hub for staff, with guidelines for maintaining a safe environment.  

  • We are communicating with contractors and visitors and have arranged signage around our hygiene policies to ensure no visitors with symptoms enter any Rise premises. 

  • We have been assured by our agency staff and contractors that they adhere to the same safety standards around travel and virus symptoms as Rise staff. 

  • We have advised the people we support, their family or guardian to let us know if they are unwell, have flu-like symptoms or have travelled to high risk areas.  

Helping to Stop the Spread

Rise collects and discloses information about individual cases of COVID-19 in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998.   This includes informing staff or clients that a colleague or client has, or may have contracted COVID-19.  We will only collect, use or disclose personal information that is reasonably necessary in order to prevent or manage COVID-19.  This way, we can ensure that necessary precautions are taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 among our staff and the people we support. 
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