A Day in (Francis Burt Law) Court

By Rise
02 August 2023
Last week, some members from Getaway Club and Wahroonga Social Centre participated in the Francis Burt Law Education Programme at the WA Supreme Court.

We were expected to be “well-presented, well-behaved and move in orderly manner” in the Supreme Court... Which seemed to be a bit hard for some clients! 😁
After walking into an empty criminal court, we went back to the Old Court House to act on a Mock Trial based on the real past case of Audrey Jacob. Find out more about the case here.

The person who’s holding the gun in the photograph is supposed to be a prosecutor not accused! Judge Shirley and Associate Michael looking authoritive.

Our tour guide Dean brought us back to the early 1900's in WA and made us think about the background of the court case in those old days.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which provoked a lots of conversations afterwards.

Find out more about The Francis Burt Law Education Program by clicking here.

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