A McMaster Volunteer in Finance!

By Rise
05 May 2021
The Finance team has achieved many efficiencies over the years and this year we have managed to bring previously outsourced work, in house for the first time. To assist with this initial administrative setup, we were proud to offer this opportunity to Taylor McMaster as a volunteer and provide him with some work experience to add to his CV. Taylor is a young and bright 16-year-old completing his Year 11 studies (son of Gordon McMaster).

Over the Easter school holidays, Taylor volunteered his valuable time and energy with assisting us with this critical project before our auditors commenced their interim audit this year (so it was a super-fast turnaround). I am proud to share with you all that the project was a success and completed with accuracy in a timely manner. We have also taken this opportunity to add some colour to our financials and ‘Rise-ify’ the style aligned to our Rise brand.

On behalf of the whole team, I would like to thank Taylor for his generous gift of time to Rise and wish him all the best for his ongoing studies. Taylor will continue to be registered as a volunteer and be invited to our volunteer appreciation days during the year.

I would also like to thank both Lisa Begley and Mariam Hamadani for ensuring that Taylor was all ready and setup with 24 hours. They have a new record time to beat!

In the spirit of appreciating our priceless volunteers, a heartfelt thank you to both our amazing Rise volunteers and volunteers everywhere!!
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