A tale of one gift basket

By Rise
08 September 2021
Shaun Mays, Director -Growth & Strategy:
"I was lucky enough to win the Father’s Day raffle at Peter Anderton Centre.  Sandra and the team are raising money for outings with the clients and ran a successful raffle with a basket of father inspired goodies.
Later in the day Caius, Renee and I presented to the Mental Health Commission, sharing with them and the codesign group findings from the Outcome Measurements project.  We received very positive feedback from everyone involved.
As Caius did such a great job……… and is a father……..I felt it was only fair that Rise’s favourite “buffed up baby daddy” got the basket as a thank you.  Renee, Caius and the rest of the mental health project team are doing some great work developing and implementing a simple outcome measurement tool.  For more information about the project go here: Outcomes Measurement Presentation.pptx"

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