Achieving Excellence in Mental Health Services

By Rise
01 August 2023
Rise has received news to confirm that we are fully compliant with the National Standards for Mental Health Services.
About every 2 years, an auditor approved by the Mental Health Commission spends several days completing a vigorous review and assessment of our policies, procedures, and governance practices.  They also speak with our staff and the people we support.
This independent review is important to everyone.  It’s an opportunity to validate what our team do well all year round, and an occasion to identify any gaps or opportunities for improvement.  It can also give you confidence that we deliver a safe, quality service.
Rise Chief Executive Officer Justine Colyer said the result of the assessment was a fantastic reflection on the expertise and professionalism of the Mental Health team and the other areas of Rise that support their work.
The auditor in her report said that the clients she spoke with felt they were treated with dignity and respect, with their rights upheld.  To a team whose values drive us to do our very best, this was music to our ears. 

               “They treat me better than anyone else, always with dignity and respect.”

               “They do what they say they will do.”

               “Having support to do things that I would not be comfortable to start by myself.”

The auditor also took the time to tell us how impressed she was by the enthusiasm and commitment of every Rise staff member she met.
Although the report said there were no improvements we needed to make to meet the National Standards for Mental Health Services, we’d never stop there!
Meeting the standards is the minimum we aim for!  Every day we re-commit to improving the quality of the services we provide.  We want to be the best we can be every day, putting you first and supporting you to live a great life!
“Success like this doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to build relationships of mutual respect, integrity and encouragement on the journey of recovery” Justine Colyer said.
We welcome you to complete our feedback form here or give us a call on 6274 3700 if you’d like to share your experience of Rise services.
You might also like to have a read of our Code of Conduct, which is a commitment we make to you and each other.
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