Aged Care Team Leaders are today’s Anna Alderson Nominees!

By Rise
21 November 2022
The Aged Care Team Leader Team includes Bron Foster, Peta Theunissen, Kerry-Anne Curley, Lesley Florey and managed by Debbie Armstead.
"The AC Team Leader team has worked really hard with optimism in trying times to fulfil the needs of our clients; recruitment to give us a full complement of Support Workers has been the biggest goal for this team as the number of support staff dropped in an environment ravaged by Covid and finding the appropriate successors became their primary focus. It has not been easy for the team, with government initiatives making the process a challenge.

The AC TL team have worked incredibly hard and closely with our Scheduling and Recruitment teams to fill our scheduling needs (shout out also to Taylor Duggan from HR and Sharon Veness’s Scheduling team too) to drive recruitment. The recruitment process is not only interviewing but for this team also includes onboarding and inductions which also dominates their time. This leaves precious little time to continue to support our team of Support Workers in the community.

This team are extremely welcoming and supportive of their teams, hence maintaining the support for new starters is also paramount. The positive impact this has had on service delivery in a short space of time (March to current time) is enormous. The success in this recruitment drive has seen a huge drop in cancelled services and an increase in satisfied clients with reduced client complaints. The optimism shown, when at times the outlook was bleak is a credit to this team. This team have been instrumental in the turnaround for the business, which in turn will have a positive impact on our brand as we are now steadily preparing to increase services for our current clients and open referrals externally. I am so proud of them all.😊"
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