Alicia has been nominated for an Aged Care Award!

By Rise
02 August 2022
Read Alicia’s nomination below or on this link.

Alicia is a valued Support Worker at Rise who works with high energy and passion for her role. She is innovative in using her skills to create strategies to personalise the successful delivery of services to ensure they meet the daily needs of our clients. When Alicia can persuade clients who are resistive to taking a shower in her first attempt, with ease, this is when you know that she has a gift.

Alicia is a reliable and respected member of the Rise family who is always willing to help out. This nomination is an acknowledgement of the high quality services provided by Alicia and what we have come to expect from her as she performs her role with integrity and respect for our clients. Alicia ensures that the daily needs of our clients are met and their carers supported to maintain the independence of their loved ones to live their best life in the comfort of their own home.

Alicia is particularly deserving as we know she has numerous clients with complex care needs and manages this in a very professional manner. Alicia’s focus is advocating for our clients and supporting them to kick goals.
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