Alicia Hastie is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
28 November 2022

I received a compliment for Alicia today from one of my AC Senior Coordinators as follows: "Hi all, Just wanted to share with you a compliment I will be logging for support worker Alicia Hastie today. She is currently completing a 3 hour respite service for a fairly new client. This is at the end of a full day of work and Alicia still had the energy to go above and beyond for this client.

This respite service was put in place to allow Lavinia’s husband to go out once per week and enjoy a game of social golf with his friends as he is Lavinia’s full time carer. Alicia’s tasks included picking up Lavinia from the day centre and taking her home where respite is to be completed until her husband gets home. Once a rapport had been built with a regular worker, I had planned to have a conversation with Alicia about trying to get Lavinia to have a shower during the respite service, as her family reported she has not being showering and refuses assistance from her husband. This is only the second week we have provided this service so no conversation has occurred yet. I contacted Alicia this morning to ask if she could complete some DA tasks for this client during this afternoons respite, as the client and her husband have not had a DA for multiple weeks due to staff shortages. Alicia was more than willing to assist with this. I didn’t mention trying to convince Lavinia to shower as the additional DA tasks would have been enough for today. I then received an email from Alicia this afternoon with an offer to continue assisting with DA tasks during the respite service each week if we continue to struggle to cover their DA. PLUS she advised she convinced Lavinia to have a shower! This is a fantastic example of how awesome our support workers are and made my day to be reminded they are more than willing to go above and beyond to meet our clients needs.

Thank you Alicia, as I mentioned Lavinia’s family will be so pleased to hear she had a shower and her husband grateful to come home from a day of respite to also find the DA tasks have been completed." This is a great compliment and achievement for Alicia! However, this is the high standard of work that we have come to expect from Alicia as she performs her role with integrity and respect for our clients every day. Ensuring that client daily needs are met and their carers supported to maintain the independence of our clients and support them to live their best life at home.

Alicia is particularly deserving as I know she has had numerous clients with complex care needs and manages this in a very professional manner. Alicia gives full availability in order to support our clients and the wider Rise team and always gives her all. She is passionate about advocating and supporting our clients and always provides a quality service! I have the utmost respect for Alicia, her high standards and the passion that she brings in supporting our clients and I thank her for making a difference and kicking goals.

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