Another successful APS kennel sleepout

By Rise
23 June 2023

You helped me raise over $2,500 and as a group (17 volunteers participated) we smashed our record by raising over $40,000.  It was a cold night last Friday and I realised this when I slept (albeit only for four hours!) in my dressing gown and woolly socks when normally I’d overheat in that get up!
The night is always special and fun because although its cold and we are sleeping in a dog kennel, we chat, we laugh, we reminisce, and we celebrate our fund raising achievement. We always have one or two ex APS dogs visit us with their furever owners and there are often happy tears to see how well they are doing. The next morning there are always tails of which dog snored, which dog stole the blankets, and which dog peed on their kennel buddy's bed!

With Evie now living the dream with Fiona, I didn’t get the cuddles I have in previous years but that is something I willingly forego to see Evie happy.  Raven hasn’t had a great start to life so was not brave enough to come for cuddles but as the weeks go by, she gains more confidence. 
As the cost of living continues to increase, I am truly grateful for your support and if you are still looking for a tax deduction the opportunity to donate is still open :)

Much gratitude,
Jodie x

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