Babies feel the love at Kira House

By Rise
11 June 2019

Kira House

Kira House is a 24-hour service which supports young women escaping family and domestic violence. Around 30% of the women we support are pregnant or have children.

Youth Manager Dawn McAleenan said Rise offered a unique service.

We are the only service of this type in Perth who caters for such young women.

In the past two years we have supported 107 women. Of these, 14 had their own children.

We have a great set up to cater for children, and our staff love baby snuggles.

We support the women by equipping them with parenting skills which will help them into the future.

Life skills

As well as parenting skills, all women at Kira House are prepared for their everyday and future goals.

Rise can provide informal counselling, focus on strengths and refer women to other agencies if there is other community services they may need.

This beautiful baby pictured here was recently featured in our Celebrating People Book 2016-2017. This coffee table book contains stories from our staff, volunteers and clients across the whole organisation. You can get a copy at our head office – 12 Leslie Road Middle Swan.

Services for Young People

If you’re a young person, we’re here for you in lots of ways. You’ve got a place to hang out at Stratton Edge, complete with a skate park. We may also be able to support you to pass your 'L's or if you’re going through some stuff and need a mentor the Rise team has got your back. Call 08 6274 3700 or email:

General enquiry
New client enquiry

(08) 6274 3700

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