Bin Outing Winner Announced: Trent is an internet sensation!

By Rise
05 May 2020

With the help of his rider, Georgia, he's taken out Rise’s bin outing competition. Georgia has promised Trent plenty of carrots and they’re getting reading for next week's pet challenge.

Superman was runner-up with some tough competition, including Cher (Vanessa Williams), turning back time and Shaun Mays monkeying around.

Watch Dalek from Doctor Who announce the winner below.

Karen Whitcomb enlisted her family to "drag' her bins out:

While Jan Herbert has been spreading her love of bins around:

Shaun Mays never stops monkeying around:

Georgia, jumps over her bin before taking it out to the road:

While Belinda spends the morning riding around on her tractor:

Vanessa Williams is turning back time:

While Kaitlin Pike and her son are on the race track:

"Ollie’s work is never done."  Nicole Degraaf:

Polly’s daughter, Chloe takes the Klante family bins out:

While Leanne Bath gets on her bike:

Lesley Florey has bin really missing rockin' and rollin' during these times:

While Sandra Jones' enlists a little bit of help to take her bins out:

The Blackie twins team up to take their bins out - please note that no dogs were harmed during the production of this video:

While 4 year old Superman Logan saves the baby pumpkin from the wicked witch (Jemma Gericevich):

Belinda Mathyi at Redgum House has bin cat walking:

While grandson Alby is reigning in his Nonna's COVID-19 eating frenzy much to Gina's horror:

Kay thought it would be good to slip her bin out while no one was looking:

While Trish O'Neil uses a bit of sheeparoo power to get her bins to the verge:

Vanessa English makes the trip wearing the right flag:

While Princess Chris rides off into the sunset on her magnificent horse and carriage:

Fiona Durrant get's a wiggle on to get her bin out for the day:

While always elegant Jalana Spratt couldn't look lovelier taking her bins out:

Resourceful Donna McColl wears her own designer label PPE:

While Debbie Gregson brings a whole new meaning to the world of "flash pants". 

See if you can figure out who our number one fighting champion is:

Here is Princess Sandra, Program Planner from Peter Andertson:

Not to be upstaged by Spyro aka Lesley Felvus:

Check out Jodie from HR’s mum wandering down the driveway in flippers.

You'll have to ask Deb Calleja to explain this one:

Combining Pokemon hunting and putting out the bin – found a Pikachu!

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