Boss Cocky and the team

By Rise
01 August 2019
Warrick’s wife, Kaye, has dementia and her communication is limited. She does however, love to go for a walk and so a number of outings had been arranged during her last respite stay, including a visit to Glen Forrest Community Garden.

I rang Warrick after her stay and, during our discussion, Warrick told me that Kaye had been smiling the whole time since he had picked her up from Milperra.

He went on to say, “Your ladies are just fantastic. I know you’re the Boss Cocky there Karen, but those ladies are just bloody brilliant”

Well, I’ve got a new title and I have to agree, the staff at Milperra are just bl***dy brilliant.

Warrick wants to look after Kaye at home until one of them passes away. He finds respite invaluable.
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