Building a business empowers Jess

By Rise
16 March 2020
Colours and curves of butterflies, landscapes and birds carefully handcrafted on clay pots. Jess is the proud creator of these beautiful pieces of art that are helping her connect with her community and build a small business.
Jess is a 21 year old with disability who loves meeting new people and being part of the Armadale community. Her family and Rise support team are always looking for ways to support Jess to live the life she chooses and what could be more empowering than starting her own business.

Jess enjoys going to the shops to buy all the materials and gifts for her pot hampers.. Then she carefully seals and paints each pot and helps to pack and wrap them. “Meeting her customers is a really good opportunity to practice social skills. She loves to make other people smile.” Annette, Support Worker
Jess loves giving back to her community. She volunteers at Rise, previously delivering meals in the Armadale area and now doing the mail run. She also volunteers at Dale Cottages.
“She just delights in living.” Lisa, Volunteer Coordinator
Jess’s pots are $ 20 each and available from her Facebook page StudioJ20. They make a beautiful gift that supports a young person to live the life she chooses. 

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