Cat Haven brings joy of pet companionship

By Rise
10 June 2019

Rise is pleased to be part of Cat Haven‘s companion cat program. Friendly and confident cats are chosen to live in a variety of situations such as aged care and disability homes. Rise has two disability homes involved in the program.

Cat Haven provides companionship

Cat Haven External Adoption Centres Coordinator Louise Hildred said ragdoll Jack had been placed at Redgum House in Morley.

Here, he has formed a special bond with one of our residents, Jenny. Louise said Jack was frightened on arrival to the Cat Haven.

Jack is special to me, as I brought him to Cat Haven myself. Jack was advertised as free to a good home on Gumtree, and I spotted the ad.

We took him into our admin office and he came right out of his shell! We quickly realised what a funny, quirky personality he had and how beautiful his nature was.

Louise said around this time the Cat Haven was asked by Rise about the possibility of a companion cat.

It was perfect timing and we all knew he would be a perfect fit! I absolutely love to visit all of our companion cats in their homes.

All of these cats have come to Cat Haven with a sad story and no home. To see them in homes, all safe and loved and know that they provide happiness and enrichment to people who need it is a part of my job that I absolutely love.

Jenny and Jack

Redgum House Senior Denise Warner said Jenny had a special bond with Jack.

The relationship between Jenny and Jack is one of friendship, affection and security. Jack makes Jenny feel loved, secure and gives a calm effect. They loved to play and sit on the bed to watch movies together.

Jack had made Redgum his home and the residents are more relaxed and happy with him around. He has had a positive effect in the house and everyone just loves him.

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