Celebrating International Day of Older Persons by Cycling

By Rise
01 October 2021
In light of celebrating the International Day of Older Persons today and having a passion for social inclusion, I'd like to share an exciting initiative that I'm starting up in the City of Swan:

All around the world, Cycling without Age offer people at risk of social isolation the opportunity to go on trishaw rides and 'feel the wind in their hair' again.

The initiative was started in Denmark (EU) and is now a worldwide movement to promote inclusivity within the local community, particularly for people living with Dementia.

With currently 3 locations around Perth, there will soon to be a 4th location in Woodbridge Park (regular day TBC).

For those interested in becoming a volunteer in their spare time, there will be a pilot training session from 10am-12.30pm on Sat 2/10 at the Woodbridge Riverside play space.

For people that would like to enjoy a trishaw ride along the beautiful Swan River, watch this space and feel free to contact me for more details.

To learn more about Cycling Without Age, see below link:

General enquiry
New client enquiry

(08) 6274 3700


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