Celebrating Lynne's Eye for Photography

By Rise
13 September 2023
Lynne fell in love with photography 6 years ago after attending some workshops at Arts Hub in Warwick. She purchased her own DSLR camera and began exploring new places and building a folio of fantastic images – some of which have been exhibited at the prestigious As We Are Awards.
Lynne’s confidence with the camera has grown over the years and she has built a reputation as a fantastic event photographer – able to wrangle large groups and capture some beautiful moments. Lynne has worked as the lead photographer at the As We Are Awards where she directed the Minister for Disability and other dignitaries and guests. She has also volunteered at many events across Rise and proudly displays her Rise volunteer ID card.
We're super proud of Lynne and her incredible photography. So, take a moment to appreciate some of her impressive captures below!

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