Celebrating the most outstanding efforts of our team

By Rise
22 March 2021

Over 500 staff, volunteers and family members came together from all over Perth to celebrate at Adventure World. It was a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of everyone in the Rise team who go above and beyond to support over 4000 people.

You can view photos from the day on the links below:

14MAR21 Photos and Photo Slideshow

20MAR21 Photos and Photo Slideshow


Anna Alderson Award

Congratulations to all our nominees for the Rise Anna Alderson Award. The award was given to the Parkerville Team and Lee Vaughan.


Parkerville Team - Supported Accommodation

"The Parkerville Team deserve to be recognised for the commitment, hard work and diligence they have shown the last 12months, to have made a marked difference to the clients and families they support.

Staff  are stepping up and showing some leadership skills; holding accountability of themselves or teammates, where it is due. Feedback from families is more positive and they enjoy receiving photos of what their family members are participating in and how they are achieving their goals."

Lee Vaughan - Home & Garden Maintenance Coordinator
“Lee has shown leadership and resilience in a role that has involved several challenges. He has introduced new ways of working that empower each staff member to know that they are a valued part of the Rise Aged Care Team and the face of Rise to our clients. He has identified areas of risk and introduced practical enhancements to prevent damage to client’s property and reduce risks of injury to the team.”


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