Cheers to Retirement!

By Rise
18 September 2023

Julia started with Rise in 2017, 6 years ago, working with one of our participants at Waikiki House. When Waikiki closed, Julia moved to Luana House and then onto Aubin House. In that time, our participants have grown to love Julia in the same way the staff that work with her do.

Over the years, Julia has been a reliable and dedicated worker; always putting the people she supports first. Our houses will not be the same without you, Julia, and the housemates will miss you greatly. 

We took up a collection to purchase Julia some gifts, as a token of our appreciation for all she has done to help our staff and housemates. The gifts we purchased for Julia were thoughtful, with purposeful meaning: 

1. A plant to love and nurture. Hopefully every time it blooms, you will think of us. 
2. Lovely bird ornaments which symbolise fun and friendship. Now you can look at the birds and remember the many friendships you have made whilst working at Rise. 
3. Bunnings vouchers. A little birdie mentioned that you love gardening and love to get out in garden and get dirty. These vouchers are for Julia to reach her garden goals. 

We thank Julia for her loyalty and great work ethic. We will all miss you. 

Enjoy your retirement and the adventures await you! 

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