Craig Williamson is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
23 November 2021
Today’s nominee is:
Craig Williamson
Senior Coordinator

“Craig demonstrates all of the values in his everyday work.

His integrity when dealing with his clients in the disability program is always on display – he is in this role because he cares deeply about people and helping them to achieve the best out of their partnership with Rise. He strives to make every decision based on the best possible outcome for those he supports. When making a decision on what might be the simplest or quickest outcome versus what is right for the person he is supporting, Craig will always choose his client’s best interests. Craig always does the right thing.

Craig treats everybody with the same high level of respect, whether it be working alongside the support workers in his team or dealing with senior levels of management. His respect for everyone is sincere and genuine. He has respect for people of all walks of life, and this is evident in the work he does for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

He readily welcomes new members to the team, and as his line manager I am always grateful for his ability to take new Coordinators under his wing and show them the ropes. He is always supportive and encouraging and makes people feel at ease.
While Craig’s role involves many challenges and obstacles at times, he never ever stops striving for improvement and making suggestions for change. Craig’s determination to make things better has resulted in positive change for many members of our team and the clients he supports. His optimism is evident in the ideas for change he constantly brings to the table.

Craig’s work continues to change the lives of many people, and I feel is very deserving of the Anna Alderson Award.”
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