Credit Card Direct Debit now available for Clients

By Rise
17 March 2020

Since going live with our new Finance system and being able to offer Direct Debits from Bank Accounts we have had multiple Clients asking to be able to set up a Direct Debit from their Credit Cards. We investigated and have made system changes to make this possible.

We sent out Direct Debit forms to all clients who received an invoice in February. We have had some Clients sign up already which is fantastic! With the first Credit Card Direct Debit run on the 21st April.

The Direct Debit Request and Service Agreement are available on CDMS and should be passed on to any new Clients.

We also introduced a Pay Now link which is now active on the internet and can be used by anyone in the organisation to accept payment from a Client by Credit Card. For example, staff at the day centres can take payment from credit card rather than cash. It can also be used out in the field if required in place of cash. Refer to these instructions (Taking a Credit Card Payment.pdf

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