Doorstep Dinners making a difference

By Rise
08 June 2020
Fantastic feedback from the community as many people come together to support older people and those who are isolated: 

"I wanted to email you in regards to the meals that Acacia kitchen provides to Rise that are distributed amongst the community.
I have an elderly neighbour whom is supported somewhat by Rise and she has been the recipient of several drops of a few meals.
I was at her house dropping off groceries I had purchased for her as she and her husband are elderly so currently self-isolating.
Whilst there she was mentioned her delight in  receiving three meals from Rise, and proceeded to take them out the freezer and show me the content.
At this stage she was vey impressed with the serve size, the different meals and overall the look of the meals claiming they looked delish.
A few days later she mentioned that they had eaten the roast pork meals and were highly impressed with the flavour and quantity, especially the variety of veggies.
I can honestly say the delight on her face, to receive a few meals that they didn’t have to cook, that she rated as high quality was really lovely.
Another delivery of meals was dropped off, and again she was very impressed with the serve and the quality of what she was being given.
I asked if it would be ok to pass on her comments to which she replied “ absolutely, people should be praised when they do good, it’s such a lovely service and the food was so nice, I feel lucky to have received the meals.”
So Acacia kitchen thank you for making my dear elderly neighbours smile, they are lovely people and this partnership between you and Rise is a fabulous service."

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