Employment Buddy: A stepping stone to success

By Rise
11 November 2021
Six excited young people from the Employment Buddy Program have hit the streets in the last fortnight undertaking their Employer Buddy-led work placements. The first cohort to be placed as part of the program, energy levels and expectations were running high, and we are glad to say, they have been exceeded!
From kitchen hand to CAD designing, avant garde designer wear to gardening, ten work placements were undertaken in total, and all young people have now graduated from the program with self-assurance and knowledge to assist them in furthering their career pathways. Two young people have found employment aided by the skills learnt in the program and all have indicated they now have further confidence to look for new employment opportunities in their chosen career path.

In addition, all employers have also advised that they would be willing to take on further placements with the program in the future – a win / win for the future candidates and the Employment Buddy Program.
We are currently placing the second cohort and still very keen to hear from any staff or volunteers who know of employers that may be willing to take a young person on for a 4 hour work placement. If you know of any employer who may be interested, or any young people with disability aged 15-24 who may benefit from the program, please don’t hesitate to email Steven.Cook@risenetwork.com.au

Employment Buddy Program
The Employment Buddy Program (EBP)  is a joint initiative between Rise and Essential Personnel. Together we have identified the 15–24-year-old cohort for the program due to their being more than three times as likely as those aged 25-67 to be unemployed. Learn more here.
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