Exciting times ahead for the Men at Aubin House

By Rise
25 October 2021
Early March Johnny, Peter, Stefano, and Jason from Aubin House had been given the sad news that they needed to move to a new house due to the landlord wanting to sell the property in Aubin Grove.
This left a task to complete. Find a new property, due to the heavy demands of the rental vacancies in WA this was not an easy feat.  
Yes, that’s right we did it.
After many property viewings and missing out on some of the preferred properties, we were all nervous as to how this would be achieved. With the help from family, clients, and well dedicated staff we achieved this.
Today Johnny, Peter, Stefano, and Jason would like to show case their beautiful home in Wellard.
The men moved from Aubin Grove to Wellard which meant that services didn’t need to change as these were still within an acceptable radius to allow these supports to remain.

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