Farewell to Nicolina Carameli

By Rise
17 September 2020
Nicolina has worked as an aged care support worker in the East for 21 years and 8 months. Over the last 12 months she has been using up her accumulated long service and annual leave but has now made the decision it is time to retire.
I visited Nicolina at her home to thank her for her many years of service, supporting our clients. She shared with me her fond memories of working for Rise, stating she "loved her job and got along with everyone". Nicolina also recalled occasions where she would go above and beyond for our clients, including assisting to mend clothing during a respite service.
Nicolina informed me she still keeps some special thank you letters that she received from clients over the years.
Nicolina has an impressive garden which she took pride in showing me, including thriving vegetables, fruit trees and an impressive display of orchids.
Nicolina looks forward to spending more time in her garden, enjoying her grand children and her crochet work. 

This photo is of Nicolina showing off some of her crochet work on linen that her mother spun by hand many years ago.

By Sarah Azar
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