Feeling proud of Kira and Hyde houses....

By Rise
14 January 2020
So this week, Shaun Mays (General Manager) and Justine Colyer (CEO) showed the CEO of a peer organisation - Carol Daws from Cyrenian House which provides alcohol and drug support - around a couple of our services.  Carol and Justine recently joined the same board and Justine spoke about the wide range of services Rise provided so Carol decided a trip out to Midland was in order.  Two things stood out as we did the tour.  Both Kira House and Hyde were immaculate - clean, homely, high standards - something you could be proud of.  Even more impressive - Michelle from Kira and Margaret from Hyde were such great ambassadors for Rise - informed, confident, professional, friendly and comfortable showcasing the services to another CEO.  Shaun and Justine just had to stand back while the Rise experts in service delivery impressed with their knowledge and contemporary practice.  A little bit of magic at Kira and Hyde!
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