Fran encourages volunteers to join Rise and make a difference

By Rise
12 August 2019

Rise volunteer driver Fran is encouraging others to get on board!

Fran encourages volunteers

Fran helps to take Rise aged care clients to appointments several times a week. She has been volunteering at Rise for more than a decade!

Being a volunteer driver makes me feel useful. I know how frustrating it is to give up your license and feel stranded  – I went through this with my mum and I know how she felt, and I’ve heard so many other people express this too.

I’m pleased that this driving service is available because it helps people to maintain some independence and remain at home..

Fran said as well as being rewarding, it did not leave her out of pocket.

I’m on a pension, so before we decided to commit to volunteering we had to work out if it would leave us out of pocket.

With the travel allowance we worked out that it was enough to cover fuel, tyres and maintenance costs associated with volunteering.

A  bonus is that this allowance does not have to be declared on tax. There is also an option to use a pool car too.

With volunteering you can do as much or as little as you like. You simply list your availability and they will ask if drivers are needed. It’s also up to you how far you want to drive.

Volunteering at Rise

There are nearly 200 volunteers here at Rise, helping to make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact 

General enquiry
New client enquiry

(08) 6274 3700

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