Getaway Club's Magical Night at Kings Park Lightscapes!

By Rise
23 June 2023
s you know, Getaway Club wouldn’t miss any “once in lifetime” opportunities in Perth!

On Wednesday night, members ventured out to Kings Park to experience the spectacular Lightscape Trail. Some used 4-wheel-walkers, a couple on the wheelchairs, but we all completed the 2km (or more!) walk through the botanic gardens of Kings Park including the Federation Walkway bridge.

Luckily it was a beautiful, dry, calm night to enjoy the walk.
Although it wasn’t easy (especially for staff who pushed the wheelchairs all the way through!), we had a feeling of accomplishment and empowerment at the end of the walk. We finished with a nice cup of coffee and small cake to celebrate.
We highly recommend you to visit with your family, friends and clients! We are recruiting new members for Getaway Club. Please dob in your neighbours or mum or dad to come and join us.

Check out the photos and videos below!

Maggie, Phyllis, Nakomi enjoy the lightscape trail.

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