Goodbye to Communications Manager - Alison Hill

By Rise
31 March 2021

Hello Team,
It’s with sadness that I announce Marketing and Communications Manager, Alison Hill, will be leaving Rise to accept an exciting new position with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in a campaign management role.
For just under five years Alison has led the Marketing and Communication team in developing the (almost) iconic Rise branding that we know and love today.  She has worked with many of us to ensure our events and exhibition stalls look great and our promotional materials are clear and engaging.  Her team also ensures we relax at the regular staff events, can easily find things on the Rise intranet and the Annual Report and Celebrate book are delivered on time, make sense and look great! 
When I asked Alison what her fondest memories of Rise were, she said she had many but picked out three in particular:

  • One of my fav projects at Rise was re-branding – transforming Rise to one of the MOST colourful non-profits I’ve even seen 😊, so you can totally blame me for this. I hope to see orange and purple forever reign on! #standoutshinebecolourful
  • Some of the events I’ve had the pleasure of coordinating and organising have been brilliant. My personal favourite was Sci-Tech, where I decided to take a different approach to marketing the event internally….dressing up as an astronaut and plugging the event to bewildered new staff members in their induction. 😊
  • The Celebrating People Book. I’d love to take credit for the concept – but the wheels were already in motion before I joined Rise. However, it’s amazing to see how it developed and progressed over the years with the help of awesome colleagues like Garry keeping it fresh. But, having the opportunity to meet clients, vollies and staff on a photoshoot was such a great experience, to hear about their stories and accomplishments and then publish a book about them! It’s what makes me so proud to work for Rise.  

I know that you will join me in wishing her the very best and agreeing she will absolutely ‘rock’ this new opportunity.
Alison’s last day is Thursday 15th April 2021.  A card will be at reception at Helen’s Place on Monday if you wish to write Alison a goodbye and good luck message.

Shaun Mays
Director - Growth and Strategy

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