Government to ban LGBTIQA+ conversion practices in WA

By Rise
01 December 2022

The announcement follows the tabling of the Legislative Assembly's Education and Health Standing Committee's report into the Esther Foundation and unregulated private health facilities.

Conversion and suppression practices are formal and informal practices that are based on the ideology that LGBTIQA+ people have a disorder and require treatment. They can include teachings, counselling, spiritual care activities, or other psychological or medical interventions.

The Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria, and New Zealand have enacted legislation that prohibits conversion and suppression practices, and it is expected that Tasmania will also pass legislation prohibiting conversion and suppression practices.

Accredited health professionals who provide lawful and ethical care will not be included in the ban and are properly regulated through their professional bodies.

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

"This Government has a strong record in supporting LGBTIQA+ people in WA and is opposed to attempts to forcibly change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.

"Not only are conversion and suppression practices ineffective but they undermine the fundamental value of personal dignity and have long term negative impacts on the health and mental health of LGBTIQA+ people in our community.

"Whilst the Government is supportive of a ban on these harmful practices, we believe that accredited health professionals with relevant expertise, who provide healthcare in accordance with the law and their ethical obligations should be able to provide care for people, particularly young people."

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