Gwen’s Story

By Rise
11 June 2019

Gwen first accessed Aged Care services from Rise in 2002 as a youthful 88 year old. She had been living in her home in Darlington for more than 50 years by then, and her garden was her pride and joy.

Back then, with severe arthritis in both her hands, Gwen had difficulty chopping the fresh vegetables that she preferred over frozen veggies.

Rise support started with a worker popping in twice a week to peel and chop veggies, which Gwen then cooked throughout the week.

Over the past 12 years, the Rise coordination team has worked closely with Gwen to adjust support so it corresponds with her changing needs as she ages.

She now receives gardening assistance, support preparing meals, shopping support and help with her cleaning. These services — along with the regular visits and support of her family— enable Gwen to maintain the independence she values so highly.

At the same time, Gwen’s family have peace of mind knowing that, on the days they don’t visit, she is not alone. This service proved invaluable recently when a worker arrived to find Gwen unwell and unable to get out of bed. A member of the Aged Care support staff stayed with Gwen until family arrived; reassuring and supporting her through a very anxious time.

Gwen still loves to potter in the garden; it is her haven and she has stated she would most definitely not be living in her own home if it were not for the services and support she receives from Rise.

*The photo in this blog does not correlate to the story to protect the individual’s privacy.

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