Halloween Fun at Peter Anderton

By Rise
28 October 2019

It’s getting a little bit spooky at the Peter Anderton Centre this week. Our day centre portrays a haunted house, with ghost and ghouls, creepy giant spiders, bats and broomsticks hanging from the ceiling. Our members got in on the fun wearing witches hats and goulash masks. The tables were dressed with spell books, pumpkins, spiderwebs and tasty Halloween treats from the kitchen. We played a traditional Halloween game, Apple Bob, we had lots of laughter watching staff and members struggle to get a bite out of the apple.
We also learned about the origins of Halloween and some of our members were very surprised to learn that Halloween originated from an ancient Irish festival called the Samhain. The festival made its way to America during the 1600s with the Irish emigrating to America due to the potato famine, taking this festival with them, which eventually became Halloween. 
Watch this space for more spooky fun to come from Peter Anderton!! 



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