Happy 21st Birthday!

By Rise
13 October 2021
Jasmine went shopping with her mother Mandy throughout the day which gave staff the opportunity to decorate the house and do some extra baking for the party.  The house was decorated with pink balloons, colourful lanterns, and banners with lots of fairy lights.

Jasmine was surprised and excited when she arrived at the house to see the house and table decorated with some of her favourite colours and favourite food. Her guests started to arrive, and the party started to get moving. Jasmine received some fantastic gifts from family, friends, and staff, and from her family who live overseas. There were lots of singing, dancing, and laughter. The food was plentiful and delicious. The birthday cake which was professionally made for Jasmine was decadent and exquisite, Jasmine had lots of fun blowing out the candles whilst her guests sang Happy Birthday to her. The night was a huge success, everyone had lots of fun, and guests were rewarded with leftovers to take home.      

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