Happy Harmony Week

By Rise
16 March 2023
Happy Harmony Week everyone!

Harmony Week runs in WA from 15 – 21 March every year; enabling celebrations from 15 – 20 March*, followed by a day of Reflection on 21 March (Harmony Day).

*You may note, the dates we celebrate Harmony Week may differ in the rest of the country. Federally, Harmony Week is aligned to the calendar week on which Harmony Day falls. In 2023 this will be 20-26 March across the remainder of the country.

Harmony Week is the celebration that recognises our diversity and brings together Australians from all different backgrounds.

It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.​

Find out more about the history of Harmony Week and how you can get involved!

How can I show my support? Harmony Week Events: Just for Fun – It’s Quiz Time!
Click here to take the Taste of Harmony Cultural Quiz and tell us your score in the comments. Did you learn anything new?
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