Haron Kitur is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
10 November 2021
In the lead up to the Anna Alderson Awards we’ll be announcing one nominee each weekday. The winners will be announced at our end of year event. Today’s nominee is:
Haron Kitur
Team member at Welbourn House

  1. "Integrity. Haron has demonstrated integrity in word and in deed.  My wife and I are unequivocally comfortable with Haron being the main carer of our son and we trust him implicitly.
  1. Respect. Haron is always respectful yet at the same time, not in an obsequious way. The respect is mutual as we respect him both as a professional and as a person. Having met his parents once, we know that he was brought up to be respectful. As a communications lecturer, I teach my students that the best conversationalist is a listener. Haron is an outstanding listener.
  1. Welcoming – Whenever we come to fetch our son on a weekend to spend time with our family and Haron is present, we are warmly greeted and informed of our son’s activities and progress. Needless to say, this is done with utmost professionalism. Ciaran is always happy to go back home when we take him back to 4 Welbourn where he clearly belongs. Haron will even lend a good hand when I set up a new swing for Ciaran or use his nous to decompress a new mattress.
  1. Optimism. This is where Haron shines even more than in the other 3 categories if that is possible. Suffice to say, even when things on occasion are rough in the house, Haron is always positive and  says things will be ok. He works actively to improve matters. Suffice to say he even managed to settle things down when Haydon arrived at the house a couple of months ago. Enough said.
  1. Commitment to his career at Rise. As mentioned above, Haron is pursuing tertiary studies in this field. This is despite the fact that he is a qualified engineer.
In conclusion, my wife and I, and Rise, are lucky to have Haron. He is pure gold, so I nominate him for the Anna Alderson award unequivocally."
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