Heather Manson is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
30 November 2022
Heather is a wonderfully caring, kind, dedicated support worker, who has been working for Rise for over 16 years. Heather makes a real difference to people’s lives in our community, by encouraging and supporting them to do things for themselves and to live independent lives.

One of Heathers clients took the time to write to Rise to compliment her. Dianne wrote "Heather has been amazing during the time she has been working with me. Heather has empowered me to be able to manage things I had forgotten to do and is always willing to go above and beyond during the service. Dianne wanted to pass on her sincere thanks to Heather and encourage her to continue doing fantastic work."

Congratulations, Heather. You have made a real difference to our clients lives and we appreciate the amazing work you continue to do.
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