Heroic actions see off the Crone of Milperra on Halloween

By Rise
31 October 2019
Once a year, on Halloween, she walks the rooms of Milperra. Why, nobody knows, but her screeching and wailing rattle the walls. It’s a chilling sight.
Guests at the cottage were terrified to see her horrid features, with blood dripping down the side of her mouth (it could have been tomato sauce as we know she is vegetarian). Her faithful pet Tarantula, named Webster, the Pack leader, never left her side as she caused chaos wherever she roamed.

Luckily for Milperra, guests Geoff and Erminio were true heroes and sprang into action when they heard of her approach.   

Banishing the crone wasn’t easy, but with their wands and beautiful singing (which of course the crone can’t stand as she is tone deaf!) they reduced her to a puddle of tattered clothing on the floor.

Will she appear next year or is she gone for good? Who knows! But our heroes certainly saved the day.

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