Important events and dates on the Finance calendar

By Rise
22 October 2021
Hi everyone,
Since my last communications in July 2021, it has been busy in the Finance team. You may have heard in the most recent Summarise session, Rise has just completed its external financial audit season and some very positive feedback has been shared with our Board by our auditors. For everyone involved in following policies, procedures, coding guides, meeting deadlines, purchasing approvals and so much more, we thank you for adhering to these. Every finance process successfully followed has contributed to the success of this audit.
And as always, we look forward to seeing continuous improvements in all areas going forward. 
A lot happens in the Finance team throughout the year, and so there are a lot of dates that you may need to remember.
To help you, we have collated a Finance calendar which is saved in the Shared Finance tile in eDMS (under Corporate Services). A link can be found here.
Please go into it and refer to the ‘About this Finance calendar’ to learn a little more (see screen shot 1 below), but basically, inside you will find tabs with all the useful dates for each of our Business as usual areas, such as Payroll, Debtors, Cash Cards, Monthly Reporting and so on, plus some info what happens across the various Finance ‘seasons’ of the year.
We’d love you to go in and explore this calendar  - it is all locked, so you cannot break it - and if you have any questions, concerns or feedback, we would like to hear from you about the fun and non-fun parts of this new tool.
Thank you!!
Screen shot 1

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