Meal preps, computer training and home activity packs from Rise.

Innovative ways to connect & support our community

By Rise
16 April 2020

Rise Regional Manager, Chris talks about some of the innovative ways our team continues to connect and support people. These include phoning all the people we support to see how they’re going and making sure they have everything they need during these extraordinary times.

Wellness and activity packs

The Arts Hub have been busy putting together wellness and activity packs to brighten up the day of the people we support. The packs include crafts with instructions and materials designed by the crew in the different rooms at the Hub. They include:

Bottle Cap Art. The woodwork room has made wooden shapes including, a rainbow, flower and a love-heart. They are packed up with different coloured bottle caps that can be glued down onto the wooded shape, these could also be painted if the clients have any paints at home. 

The craft room has made up patchwork pin cushions that have instructions for hand stitching them together. They include all materials- needle and thread, pins, stuffing and the patchwork cushions. They’ve also made up pom-pom sheep. These packs include white wool, a felt sheep face, goggle eyes and some cardboard to make your pom-pom sheep body. 

The art room has put together some colouring in packs that include instructions of shapes and patterns to draw. They also include adult colouring in packs made up of animals, flowers, and mandalas. 

Keeping connected with home support

Our social centres might be closed but that hasn’t stopped Rise team member, Tracey, from arranging an art class at Sheila’s home.

Graham’s passionate about pottery and with the help of his Support Worker, Dee, he’s turned his garden into a pottery studio.

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