It's time to care about Aged Care

By Rise
28 March 2022

With an election just around the corner this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make our voice heard and get behind the Care About Aged Care campaign.  Your voices will boost the attention on aged care and make it hard for politicians to ignore the change we need.

Over a generation, the needs and expectations of our ageing parents and grandparents – and those who care for them – have exceeded the resources made available to them.

The campaign is asking all political parties to commit to:

  • A minimum wage increase for aged care workers by funding the Fair Work Commission Work Value Case, and award wage increases from July 2022.

  • A Workforce Partnership Supplement for providers to spend on boosting wages, training, minutes of care, 24-hour nursing, COVID-19 prevention and workforce retention costs.

  • A commitment to a multidisciplinary workforce by putting in place an allied health needs assessment and funding model by July 2024.

Things you can do

​Let’s make sure Aged Care stays at the top of the national agenda.

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