It's Quality Audit time for our NDIS and Mental Health services

By Rise
14 July 2021
For geeks like the Quality and Customer Experience team (AKA Suzanna, Heidi and myself) an external quality audit is an exciting time.  The absolute best way to identify areas for improvement.  Let’s face it 99% of the time, in all areas of life there’s room for improvement.  For those of you who are a little less excited, we hope to take some of the anxiety out of the audit process for you.

Over the next month we’ll provide you with hints and tips on how to make the event successful.

Who does the audit and when will it be?
Rise will engage a certified independent auditor and we’re aiming for August/September. 

What do they do, and how long will it take?
Basically, it’s a two-part process including a desktop review of our practice, policies and procedures coupled with staff and client interviews and on-site visits.  The whole process takes about two weeks.  The audit team’s job is to identify areas for improvement in our controls and the steps we need to take to strengthen them.  They’ll check to see we have policies and procedures in place to meet the required standards and legislation, and then they’ll check in with clients and staff to see that we’re following them. 

The aim of the audit is to help identify any gaps within our processes so they can be fixed as quickly as possible to prevent harm to the people we support and to the organisation.

Look at the audit as an opportunity to ‘do better’ rather than an unwelcome intrusion, or a test to be passed.  

I can guarantee the process will be positive and rewarding.

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