J’s catering crew

By Rise
26 November 2021
Jacob has a passion for food, so it was only logical that he be head of the catering committee, AKA “J’s Catering Crew”.
Jacob has been busy working behind the scenes to provide an awesome menu for us this year. Jacob has a very important role within the committee and says “It has been a good experience, but I am really nervous about the day. I want to make sure everything goes smoothly”.
Part of Jacobs role is to attend weekly meetings, offer his ideas, visit local catering companies, plan the schedule and collect all the equipment he needs for the day.
You would have met Jacob this week when he delivered the Rise Up and Celebrate posters to all of the supported accommodation venues . Jacob is also passionate about cars, and you may also recognise him from one of our PWD postcards.
Jacob’s Coordinator said “I am so proud of Jacob; he has really stepped out of his comfort zone with this project, and I know it is going to be a success”
Don’t forget to say hello to Jacob at the End of Year Party!
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