Jan's Big Day Out!

By Rise
16 September 2021
Jan loves nature and all things horses but living in Caversham means lots of planning to get out of the city and to the countryside. Jan and his support worker saved up some of his community hours to make this dream happen. They were going to visit a farm in Beverley!

The pair set off at 9.30am and during the long drive to Beverley, Jan stopped a few times on the way to stretch his legs and to take in the beautiful scenery.

They arrived at the destination at 11.30am and Jan couldn’t stop smiling when he saw the horses. He jumped out of the car to pet the horses.
Jan was invited into the house for lunch by the owner, but instead he wanted to sit by the grazing field to watch the horses while having his lunch. 

After lunch Jan went for a walk around the bushland with the owner of the farm, talking about his own horses and his dogs. They chatted nonstop while Jan helped the owner feed the horses.

Jan spent as much time as he could with the horses before getting back into the car, making the most of every moment.

On the drive back to Marley House, Jan expressed how he would love to go on a road trip again. Jan is still smiling !!!

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