Jaspreet Singh is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
29 November 2021
Today’s nominees is Jaspreet Singh.
PwD Support Worker
“I’m so pleased to be able to nominate Jaspreet Singh for the Anna Alderson Award. He is the best kind of Support Worker because he has built a great rapport with his clients and they trust him. Jaspreet is one of those quiet and unassuming types so it can be easy to miss all the work and extras he does.

“We are hopeful and confident”
“We listen and trust”

Since the first day Jaspreet started with Rise back in December of 2020, he has gone the extra mile to make sure his clients get the best service. One of his clients has severe memory issues and was struggling to locate some valuable personal belongings. For months, no one was able to locate the items that were offsite. Jaspreet took the time to build a working relationship with the client and was able to track down then drive the client to pick up his lost belongings. We have not seen a happier client than when they were able to get their hands on their former (and very expensive) work tools. It meant our client could still have that connection to his life before joining Rise.

As Jaspreet’s PwD Senior, I get to see his work across several houses and staff and clients have commented to me about how he is team player and always reliable. Jaspreet helps Welbourn and (and previously O’Connor) run smoothly and because he is such a hard worker and good with household duties, there have been next to no disagreements with other staff as Jaspreet has usually already done a particular task! He has been a great addition to Angie Jeffrey’s team and it is really heartening to see someone come into a well established team and instantly fit in and make it better!“
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