JB Cooking up a storm!

By Rise
03 August 2022
JB ,as he is best known, cranked up the BBQ and cooked up a storm (literally).

Jason wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the team for their dedication to the role and the support provided to the clients of Jiemba House.  It has been a very challenging couple of years for staff, and what better way to show our appreciation than by providing lunch for the team.

Over lunch, the team discussed how privileged they felt that JB  went to the trouble of buying and preparing the lunch for them. They also commented on how different management seem when you sit down in a relaxed environment such as luncheon.
Staff recognised how this experience breaks down the wall between Support Workers and Senior Management and passed on their thanks for being acknowledged for their work.
Jason didn’t let the weather interfere with his cooking, He still managed to burn the kebabs!

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