Jen talks about the Disability Employment Project

By Rise
10 December 2019

“One of my passions is for autistic people to find meaningful and rewarding employment in accordance with their skill set and knowledge.”

Jen has a degree in Commerce as well as a Bachelor of Ministry and has lived experience of working with disability. She is a valued member of the steering committee that is assisting Rise and a number of Not for Profits to increase the number of people with disability employed within their respective organisations. 


“The reason why there is a discrepancy between my two degrees and my current employment is because of my autism. There are a lot of autistic people that are underemployed or unemployed. I’m one of those people that is underemployed and not using the skills and knowledge that I have.”

Project Sponsors

The Disability Employment Project is an initiative between Several Not for Profit organisations including Chorus, Identity WA, Enable and Visibility. Sponsors of Co-design members include Essential Personnel, NDS and Visibility.

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