Jeremiah goes to the beach

By Rise
03 March 2020
Rise Supported Accomodation resident Jeremiah recently tried out the Hippocampe all terrain beach chair at the Rockingham Foreshore.
While at first he was hesitant and a bit unsure about getting into the chair, he now enjoys strolling along the beach and getting into the water.
Well done to the team at Lakehouse for providing encouragement and support to Jeremiah to enable him to experience the freedom of being in the ocean.
The Hippocampe and other modified wheelchairs are available for free use to allow people of all abilities to get out into the water or onto the sand.
The Hippocampe is available from the Rockingham Visitors Centre (9592 3464) and the mobi chair and beach tracker are available from the Cruising Yacht Club, Rockingham (9527 5468)
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