Jiemba Support Workers are today’s Anna Alderson Nominees!

By Rise
24 November 2021
Today’s nominees are:
Danny Ireland, Ash Adhikari, Osborne Lugalia, Charles Kamau, Toby Okafor, Peter Ombaye and Jerry Atunga
Support Workers at Jiemba House

“The team at Jiemba have demonstrated all of Rise's values:
  • Respect for each other and their clients.
  • Welcoming to anyone who comes to the house, whether this be a new staff member, a new resident, a family member or a visitor.
  • Integrity by following the correct procedures and supporting one another through the difficult times.
  • Optimism that all of our clients to have a better life in a safe and encouraging environment.
All staff at Jiemba have been challenged at some point, but through it all, they could see that if they too were to walk away, what would happen to the client? Where would they go? Who would support them? How would they cope? The staff may feel safer, they may have an easier shift at another house, they will still take home the same wage at the end of the week.
But they are at Rise for the right reasons, they are here for our clients, no matter what.
There have been tears of joy, tears of sadness, and tears of frustration. But staff have not once complained and have persevered through some very difficult times. It is through these difficult times, the team have learned that the secret to a good shift, is clear communication, information sharing, supporting one another, changing the environment and being in tune with their clients.
The team has now grown and are a strong team because of the support that support workers have provided to each other . Staff will always strive to learn new skills and are eager to share their knowledge with other support workers. Staff are the best ambassadors of Jiemba when they are working in other houses. They will promote Jiemba wherever they go (and also try to recruit new team members).
The staff are calm, positive, and optimistic workers and have made a positive impact on the lives of others by demonstrating the Rise values: Respect, Integrity, Welcoming and Optimism. This team has amazed me in so many ways and I couldn’t be prouder of them. I too was overwhelmed when going to Jiemba House back in May 2020, but I am so glad that I took on the challenge. I can now look back and see that this was not a challenge, but a privilege to be part of such a powerful team.
This team definitely deserve recognition for their hard work and are the perfect nominees for the Anna Alderson Award."
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