Josh loves superheroes and the outdoors

By Rise
21 May 2019

Josh (23) lives in Bennett Springs in one of the many homes run by Rise. Nestled in a suburban street, this beautiful home is light, airy and has a great patio out the back.

Superheroes and bushwalks

Josh is a big fan of the Marvel series. He loves Hulk, Spiderman and many others.

When we visit his house, Josh proudly shows us his figurines.

His support worker Naninga Onesimo is savvy with the characters. He names all of them on Josh’s wristband and together they shout HULK HULK HULK.

This gets a huge smile from Josh. As does looking at the pictures we’ve taken of him, and the selfies together.

Naninga tells us all of Josh’s other favourite things to do.

He loves to catch public transport and do things outdoors. We go for bush walks and he likes animal farms too.

After our visit, Josh is off to the shops for one of his favourite drinks – iced coffee – followed by lunch in Ellenbrook. We love supporting people and seeing them live a great life!

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