Judith Oskam is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
30 November 2022
I would very much like to nominate Judith Oskam – House Senior to Donna McColl for this very deserving award.

Judith – Judy – certainly displays ALL of Rise’s Values in every part of her daily interactions with staff, clients, visitors or other service providers to our Supported Accommodation Homes.

INTEGRITY – Judy sticks to what is right – when staff or clients deviate or make a poor choice – Judy will get you back on track in the very nicest of manner, without making you feel as though you have been in the Headmasters Office or being hauled over the coals!

RESPECT – Judy always acknowledges others differences in culture or in personal choices, Judy is always interested in everyone’s day and very much respects that we may all be different and that my difference is of interest to Judy so she understands her colleagues and clients all the better for knowing all the more about you or your situation.

OPTIMISM – Judy will always ‘try’ new ideas before making any judgement of any changes.  She shows genuine confidence in others abilities and will support and acknowledge confidence in us to get us all to achieve. Judy will look for the ‘good’ in others or a situation.

WELCOMING – This to me, is by far Judy’s greatest strength. Polite and Friendly by dictionary and Judy definition!  Judy is the friendliest person around, she will make everyone feel like they belong, they are respected, their ideas, input and gripes are all worth an ear and an acknowledgement. Judy is ‘bubbly’ from the minute she signs in at the front door and everyone is greeted whole heartedly – clients and staff want to greet her as she helps start our day very much on the right foot. 

Judy will always have an ear to listen to anyone, if she doesn’t know the answer to a situation – work or personal – she will make sure she finds out for you.  For all who know Judy – we know that her knowledge about our industry is absolutely limitless . From junior or new recruits to managers, to staff from other service providers all appreciate Judy’s polite and friendly nature and limitless ‘know how’!

Judy – truly – is one of the nicest people I know and an absolute tribute to Rise and ALL of Rise Values and I am 101% certain that Judy is truly deserving of this award.
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