Kaitlin Folley is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
19 November 2021
Today’s nominee is:
Kaitlin Folley
PwD Senior

“Since being in the PwD Senior role Kaitlin has had new responsibilities of mentoring and supervising staff and managing staff performance and ensuring staff are upholding Rise’s values and policies.
Kaitlin ensures staff are providing a high quality service and leads by example by being open and honest in communication and holds herself accountable whilst maintaining professional conduct and encourages others to follow suit. This can be challenging to uphold by making your colleagues accountable but Kaitlin understands the importance of what is right, wrong and appropriate in the workplace and mentors her colleagues to maintain this with a consistent moral attitude and treats everyone with respect, fairness and honesty. 
In my absence Kaitlin will take on coordinator duties and I often get feedback how delightful and wonderful Kaitlin is with interacting with other colleagues and from other Rise departments.  I cannot remember a time when I have been absent that I have not had someone comment on my return how positive their interaction with Kaitlin had been.  It is common for people to give feedback if negative but to receive such positive comments every time is a great accomplishment. 
I have trust in knowing that Kaitlin works with moral and ethical principles of doing the right thing even when no one is watching.  
Stepping up into a senior role and having to supervise your peers can be challenging but Kaitlin has done an exceptional job and is respected by her team. Kaitlin is a great role model by ensuring policies and procedures are upheld and understanding the importance of professionalism and keeping everyone safe. 
Kaitlin goes above and beyond by offering assistance and taking on additional responsibilities to assist her team members.  Kaitlin is always inquisitive to learn more and understand practices and gain knowledge in all aspects of her role and within Rise.”
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